On the Move

Howdy Folks!  My first year in Asheville has come to an end. I hope you have enjoyed my adventures of discovering the area. At he beginning of summer, we found our permanent home… thus explaining why I fell of the grid.  We have firmly landed in Marshal, NC…just a bit north of Asheville.

Marshall NC
photo courtesy of Erica Buehler

Our new home is just what we were looking for – a small, easy to maintain house with lots of outdoor space…32 acres to be exact.  As with most moves, there were a few hitches.  First, my computer’s hard drive crashed.  Second, good internet access has been a constant battle.  I think we have those two issues fairly well resolved.

I will be turning my attention from exploring Asheville towards the adventures in homesteading – a lifestyle with a focus on becoming more to self-sufficient.  I hope it will be insightful in a DIY way, but certainly it will provide a few laughs. Hope you’ll come back to see how that’s going.

P.S.  Cover photo is our very enthusiastic and joyful helper, Milo.   More on him another time.

2 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. Congratulations, Kristin! What a beautiful area you have chosen… I have found love with it too. Hope you’ll be open to visit soon – my friend and I already talking about returning to the mountain area because we loved it so much. Just so happy that you have settled in. Hugs,

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  2. I wondered what happened to you, you’ve been off the grid for a while. We spent a week in Hendersonville, NC this summer – it was amazing! The town, the hiking, the waterfalls – it was such a treasure. I’m not familiar with Marshall, but your new home looks lovely. Enjoy!

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