Smashed in Asheville

While many of my posts are about fun adventures and delicious food, this week is about the unexpected curveballs that life throws at you…even in Asheville.

Expect the Unexpected

I started my drive to work on a rainy morning.  Nothing dramatic, we’ve certainly had much worse winter weather to deal with recently.  I was stopped in traffic waiting for the light to turn green when SMASH!  I was hit from behind and pushed into the vehicle in front of me.

After that, things become a little blurry.  I got out and snapped photos.  Checked to make sure that no one was seriously hurt.  Climbed back in my car to get out of the rain and noticed all of my belongings tossed all over the car.  Maybe I got hit a little harder than I realized.

Smashed in Asheville

The Good News

Long story short, my boss was very understanding that I wouldn’t make it to work, the guy who hit me took full responsibility, rental car provided and my car is being repaired.  Most importantly…no injuries!

Irony of Life

So here is the ironic part, I was in the midst of creating a blog for Still Sacred on how an ordinary trip to work can be an extraordinary journey.  This little mishap didn’t change that… I stand behind the notion that there are sacred moments in all the events in our life.  It’s great to remember that God has a sense of humor.


Are you interested in exploring spirituality in the everyday moments of life with gratitude and humor?  Visit …

Still Sacred Blog link

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