Favorite Asheville Diner

I love a good diner.  It’s the place that I will return to again and again for a quick bite at a reasonable price.  A place that can be counted on to seat you fast and get your food to you even faster. I only have 3 criteria for a diner: Friendly service; good food; cheap prices.  Finding that home run diner in Asheville took a few tries.  I’m not going to name names, but here’s why they struck out on my list.

Strike One

I was super excited about a diner that people raved about their hamburgers.  I’m don’t eat burgers, but I can tell you that my French toast is NOT supposed to taste like a burger.  I do think it’s important for a diner to keep their grill clean so that everything doesn’t taste the same.  I will not go into the gorey details regarding the filthy bathroom.

Strike Two

A simple fish sandwich on a Friday night…is that too much to ask?  The staff was pretty friendly, but the plate of food that arrived was inedible.  I took a bite and then determined that going any further might run the risk of food poisoning.  Even the fries that came with it were burned.  Left with a growling tummy.

Strike Three

Food was great, but they must have let the tourism prices go to their heads.  Paying over $10 for a simple breakfast plate of eggs and two sides just misses the mark.

Home Run

Wynn’s Diner on New Leicester Highway has won me over.  They serve their whole menu everyday from 6AM-3PM.  I think they are only closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day- but you never have to guess because they have a huge sign on the street level that they always keep updated.  Wynn’s covers all the bases. It’s a typical dinner with assorted booths and a row of counter seating.  Service is always friendly and fast.

Wynn's Diner Asheville NC

For breakfast: eggs, hash browns, biscuits, assorted breads, English muffin, corn bread, sliced tomatoes, oatmeal, grits, corn beef hash, french toast, pancakes, waffles and in addition to the standard breakfast meats they also offer turkey bacon and sausage. For lunch they offer a selection of 12 yummy sandwiches plus gyros, hotdogs, burgers, salads and 12 southern sides that might be considered a meal all by themselves. For under $5 you can get 2 eggs, a side, choice of bread and coffee.  Daily blue plate specials for $7.99.  Oh, and let’s not forget the homemade pie and cheesecake slices for $2.99.

Wynn's Breakfast feast - Asheville NC

I have a winner!

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Asheville Diner

  1. There’s a little place in Black Mountain called Louise – the locals know it. Best breakfast, great price. I’m so with you on the diner – must be good and reasonably priced. Glad you found a winner.


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