Asheville Salt Cave

This week I journeyed to Asheville’s Salt Cave. Before going, I teetered between thinking this would either be an expensive nap or a decadent treat. As I have discovered with numerous places in town, they offered a “local special” which is $10 off on Tuesdays. It was a simple and quick process to reserve a spot and pay online.

Find Joy in Every Journey

Asheville Salt Cave Art

From the Asheville Salt Cave website, “With 20 tons of pure pink salt, we have naturally recreated the micro climate of a salt mine. We sustain this climate by maintaining the specific temperature and humidity levels found in a naturally occurring cave. The salt in our cave comes from three mines in Poland, from over 500 meters below the earths surface, and is over 250 million years old. It is anti-bacterial, uncontaminated by dirt, and is free of toxins and pollutants.” They offer a variety of packages from the basic community room to special healing sessions. Massages can also be added on before or after a stay in the salt cave.

Asheville Salt Cave Goods

My Salt Cave Experience

I opted for the basic, public session which can accommodate up to 10 guests.  When I arrived, I was invited to make myself a cup of hot or cold tea and there were a variety of what looked to be high quality, loose tea available.  You are not allowed to take anything into the cave that is liquid because it would melt the salt.  They provide a locked cabinet to put your belongings into before heading into the cave. Their small shop had a wide array of all things salt.

Asheville Salt Cave room

There were just four of us on the afternoon when I visited. I had my choice of a zero gravity chair or comfy pillows and blankets on the salt floor. I chose the floor and this was a nice option – several other guests who where on the floor ended up napping – so yes it is quite comfortable.

Asheville Salt Cave floor seating

The session begins with a brief history of the cave and information on salts in general. Then the lights are dimmed and your are left to listen to the babbling fountain and some soft tonal music. Once again, great for napping. Since I practice meditation, this was a nice, quiet time for me to gather my thoughts and then release them to still my mind and spirit. If you are not accustomed to sitting motionless for about 40 minutes, then this is not the place in Asheville for you.

Asheville Salt Cave Fountain

In the end, this was a joy-filled journey and totally relaxed.  Not sure that I felt detoxified or healed by the experience, but it was a pleasant way to spend my time. I will probably go back, especially with visiting friends.  With the holiday season fast approaching, I am always looking for ways to combat stress and this certainly would fit the bill. I think maybe joining one of the healing sound or guided meditation sessions would be a fun a treat.

Gratitude by Still Sacred

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