Wake Foot Sanctuary – TLC Asheville Style

Let me start by saying that it has been a beat down of a week.  I really needed a little TLC to soothe my weary mind, soul and soles.  Wake Foot Sanctuary‘s online description says “Get Soaked! We are foot soak makers, massage therapists, and lovers of caring for your feet!”  I say, don’t walk, but run to claim your pampering after a day of sightseeing, hiking or really any reason at all.

wake foot sanctuary outside view

Wake Foot Sanctuary is located in the Grove Arcade in Asheville, NC, which although rich in history and architectural significance, may not at once conjure up images of a sanctuary.  Trust me, the minute you walk through the doors, either from O’Henry Avenue or from inside the Grove Arcade, you are immediately transported into a calming and serene environment.  The inside lobby is filled with local bath and body products along with handcrafted jewelry and other luxurious items such as the lavender neck wraps used during the spa experience.  At once, I traded my worn sneakers for a pair of fresh,white slippers and took a long, overdue deep breath.  It was amazingly quiet in this spa, and the absence of the outside world’s hustle an bustle immediately put me at ease.

wake foot sanctuary inside view

The basic foot soak with aromatics of your choice is a warm & relaxing 45-minute experience. You can add on  20 or 40 minute massages for your neck, arms or feet.  Or you can splurge, like I did, and choose a pre-packaged spa indulgence.  On my first visit, I enjoyed the “Blissed Out” treatment which included a soak of wintergreen, rosemary, and Signature Wake Foot Sanctuary salts plus a 20 minute head, neck and shoulder massage, hot tea of my choice, and 30 minutes of feet and lower legs massage.   On my second visit, I took advantage of the October special feature “Cookies & Milk” package. This soothing soak was a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla essential oils blended with powdered oatmeal and white clay that gave it a milky look and a silky, moisture-rich feeling. Sprinkled with cinnamon on top, it smelled as good as it felt. It also included 30 minutes of foot and lower leg massage and 20 minutes of head, neck, and shoulder massage, a delicious pot of tea and a couple locally-made Swoon shortbread cookies.  I chose the Chamomile vanilla tea and the lemon-blueberry shortbreads which were both heavenly.


 Here’s a sneak peak  at what you can expect – watch promo video. 

No matter what you choose, you will be treated to a unique spa experience. It is difficult to describe just how relaxing this was.  As I sat back, feet soaking… warm, lavender wrap around my neck… sounds of soothing, meditation invoking music lightly playing in the background… I could feel the tension melting away.  My personal massage therapist slipped in and out of the room with hardly a whisper.  She checked periodically to see if I needed anything and filling my copper soaking tub with extra warm water as necessary to keep my toes at the perfect temperature.  The experience was topped off with having my feet powdered and feeling silky smooth.

Soaking up the relaxation at Wake Foot Sanctuary

From the minute I walked in until the moment I left, I felt pampered by the full, attentive service of the staff that made me feel so special.  It is rare to find such devoted, personal attention these days. This was just what I needed, a little self-care time to unwind and let someone else give me some tender loving care.

Ok, time for the next big hike!!

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