Mountain Heritage Day

Around this time of the year, Big Tex is welcoming everyone to the State Fair of Texas, so of course I am a little homesick. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to check out the 43rd annual Western Carolina University’s Mountain Heritage Day.  It is touted as a combination old-fashioned mountain fair and showcase for Southern Appalachian music, arts, dance and song, with the atmosphere of a big family reunion.

gyro and music

There was not a corn dog in sight, but that didn’t put a damper on the day.  There were tons of food options – yes even vegetarian options.  I grabbed a freshly grilled chicken gyro, headed to one of the large music stages, plopped down on a hay bail and checked out the bands.  I was treated to Ol’ Dirty Bathtub.  Who could resist a group who’s slogan is “String music from the Mountains of Western NC… Not your grandpappy’s bluegrass, but he’ll dig it too. Climb on in the Tub!?”  The surprise song of the afternoon was when they covered Pink Floyds’ “Another Brick in the Wall”.  Certainly not my grandpappy’s bluegrass!

ol dirty bathrub band

All fueled up on delicious treats, it was time to shop.  Lots of artists, pottery, painting and carvings as would be expected for this part of the country.  Stopped by one booth, where a man was actually demonstrating how he makes his cooking spoons.  I love things that are both beautiful and useful.

spoon maker at WCU Herritage Day

Then I spotted these delightful creatures in one booth.  They just make me smile.  They look ready for some mischief!

racoons peeking out

It was a fantastic day if you like food, music and handmade art!

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