How Sweet it is…

I found myself on the south side of town and starving, so of course I reached for my phone and a little assistance from Yelp.  Great news for me, there was a little spot just minutes away with 4 1/2 stars, one $, and casual.  Looks like I’d hit the trifecta.1127sweetencreek


Okay – the “just minutes away” part proved a little challenging for me because I missed the two, very small signs pointing the way.  In reality, I missed them twice, but who’s counting?  The address is technically on Sweeten Road, but it’s set back off the road behind some other businesses in an area that is less than inviting.  Don’t be discouraged because it is worth finding. Look for the big green and black ExtraSpace Storage sky-high billboard sign and turn there, drive down that road just a bit and then to your right behind some business that face Sweeten Road there will be a blue and white building- that’s the place- Sweeten Creek Brewing!   Rumor has it that they will be getting new signage soon- seems I’m not the only one that has found this place a challenge to find.

There are a few tables with umbrellas scattered around outside, a small tasting room that is fun and quirky, a great sandwich shop and a huge 2-acre yard to relax with the family and  [canine] friends.  The owners Joey and Erica Justice have been working their tail feathers off for the past two years to keep up with the demand for their brews.  Currently, they are transitioning to a 10-barrel brewing system.  They say not to worry that they hold enough in reserve for their summer yard parties that are scheduled to continue through October.  The next one is August 19 and is boasting Texas BBQ with live music and fun & games on the lawn for the whole family.sweetencreekbarrels

The weekday afternoon that I stopped in, Erica greeted me from behind the bar with a big, welcoming smile. Even during this typically slow time of the day, she was multitasking several patrons. She gave me a brief history of the place, while managing everyone’s orders and still making me feel like a very important customer. She described the 3 in house beers ( a porter, pale ale and a pilsner) plus several other guest draws from the region.  She also described the food which is all made to order from scratch on site.  I think it’s important to note that although this is a brewery – it also proclaims itself as:   “… a group of creative and talented individuals looking to direct our passion for craft beer, food, and community into a thriving destination brewery and sandwich shop with a relaxed, comfortable, and family friendly atmosphere.”  I think they’ve nailed it!

I passed on the beer and choose a custom melt of provolone, cheddar cheese, turkey and avocado on thick-cut marble rye with their seasonal summer side of watermelon salad, which delivered on the promise to be “cool and crunchy with red grapes, jicama, mint and lime”.  I took a short stroll around the yard, which parallels the creek, boasts several picnic tables, shaded areas, bird feeders and a fancy triple hammock systems, and then my sammy was ready for me to enjoy.


It was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.  Everything was super fresh and delicious. I appreciate the fact that they are more that just another brewery.  How sweet it is to find hidden treasure.

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