Meet the Neighbors

Just a bit northwest of Asheville, barely outside the city limit is where my new, IMG_2533temporary home is located.  This is the first time in over a decade that I have lived in an apartment.  I must say that I am pleasantly surprised.  From my balcony there is often a cool breeze – I hear there is always a breeze in Asheville – which is a welcomed change from the heat and humidity of Dallas.   There are many things that make this apartment unique and wonderful, but the neighbors have definitely made a lasting impression. Each evening around dusk my neighbors saunter by to have a snack. I usually greet they with a friendly “Hello Girls!”.  The eyes on my 16-year old city cat where the size of saucers the first time they showed up.  They do not look anything like our neighbors back in Big D!  Other than some quiet mooing, they are very quiet and polite- not a bit of trouble from them so far. Not your typical girls next door.

Gate to where??

The complex is filled with walking trails that weave through the grounds and in places border the neighboring farm – hence the girls next door.  Each morning walk is a new adventure.  Birds, chipmunks and a variety of buzzing wildlife always await me on my walks.  This morning, at the very top of the hill, I discovered a gate with the sign “Keep gate closed”.  This gate does not look like it has been closed in years, but the barely visible trail was not exactly welcoming.  I felt encourage that it didn’t read something like “Keep Out” or “No Trespassing” – but still – being a city girl, I wouldn’t just go wandering through a gate into the woods without a good reason.  My mind latches onto the realtor in town talking about how bears can still be found all around Asheville, mentioning that a client found a black bear recently in her swimming pool.  That is not an amenity that I am looking for in a home! So when I got back down the hill, I inquired at the clubhouse about the mysterious gate into the woods.  The leasing agent looked as though she was holding back a Texas “bless your heart” as she explained it is part of the property and is about 7 acres of forest trails with picnic tables and benches… very tame.  I will report back on what I find beyond the gate… after I recover my pride and my courage.

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