Why Asheville?

Asheville by Ken Lane mediumThe question that I am asked almost every day is… “Explain to me again why you are quitting a job you love, moving away from  somewhere you’ve lived 16 years, and starting over.”  The simple answer, which nearly no one can grasp, is that when I arrived in Asheville, a few years ago, it felt like home.  Not the home I knew from childhood in southern California or the bustling country of Singapore where my second child was born, but a place that my soul instantly recognized as familiar, a place where my spirit whispered to me…this is it…this is where we belong.

The truth is that my heart knew in an instant, then my left brain took over and I started crunching the numbers and formulating strategies.  I unfolded the tattered road map of Asheville that I had used while driving from Burnsville to Waynesville and pinned it to my office wall.  I didn’t know how or when, but that was my intentional destination for the next phase of my life.

So often in life, I simply looked at the fork in the road and chose the path of least resistance.  Or as awful as this sounds, sometimes I didn’t even notice there was a fork in the road…I trudged on  in which ever way the wind blew because nothing was particularly wrong. This time, maybe I made the fork in the road, or you might say that I veered off the smooth and safe path.  Whatever the case, the path ahead certainly is not clear, I will have to forge my way through uncharted territory.  Do I have what it takes?  Can I leave my family, friends and all that is familiar behind? Am I just crazy?  Come along on my journey and let’s answer these questions and maybe the most important one…why Asheville?

Photo by Ken Lane (www.flickr.com/photos/kenlane)- I try to use my own photos when I can, like the cover image I took when I first got to town.  But alas I am just an amateur.  Thank Ken for showing us the true beauty of the city on a clear day.

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